Kelly Rowland – “Commander” [HQ Snippet] by Windowpane
Wednesday, April 28, 2010, 12:15 am
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We’ve all been waiting to hear what Kelly is gon’ bring this time round and despite knowing her new single “Commander” was produced by David Guetta, I was still pretty intrigued to hear what it sounded like, well – here’s a snippet…

Ok, I gotta say – Kelly’s voice sounds very strong here – this cannot be denied. Is this song as bad as I thought it was gonna be? Actually, no. Don’t get me wrong, I do not think Kelly should be going down this euro-dance road (yes, I get she’s going after the mainstream, but artistically speaking, I think it’s a shit idea), but from this very short snippet, I’m pleasantly surprised (that’s not saying much though, my expectations were very low lol). I’m a fan of Miss Rowland’s and strongly believe she deserves more shine, her last album was a solid R&B album – why folks didn’t respond to it, I have no idea. But just like “When Love Takes Over” I can imagine this one being a huge summer anthem and for her sake – I hope it is.

It’s only a short snippet, but what are your first impressions???

Update: Kelly Rowland – “Commander” (Full Track)

Peace, Love & Kelly Rowland


Shouts to TS

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Kelly gets respect and success going down this route. It seems like she’s finally found her niche. Ms. Kelly was an incredible album, but I don’t think people can take her seriously unless she goes a different route than Beyonce… unfortunately. I love them both, but I think Kelly is going to rock out this next album!

Comment by Julian

Kelly do ur thing….i love the track….I’ll be ur commander anytime…lol…Pls promote this song as much as possible…

Comment by maxi

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