Whitney Houston Fans Walk Out Of London Show [NEWS] by Windowpane
Sunday, April 25, 2010, 10:37 pm
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I didn’t attend Whitney’s London 02 date – simply because I knew it was going to be a shambles. Well, turns out – I was right. A good few homies (who are incredibly reliable sources) went in hopes that Houston would be singing like she did back in the day (despite reading a number of horrendous reviews) but sadly they too were disappointed.

From the calls, texts and tweets I’ve been getting from them, things sounded pretty bleek. And before any stans out there begin crying that ‘they don’t know what they’re talking about’ – the majority of them work in music – be it at a label, management company, PR company or radio. Just some of the things they’ve said or I’ve read (via twitter)…

  • “She’s not that bad, but saying that about Whitney isn’t that good is it?” – Music Journalist
  • “so far Whitney gig is akin to being at an extravagant karoake gig with her Houstonship – bum notes, gasps, skipped verses and all.” – Works for prominent radio station
  • “I’m definitely at a Whitney Houston gig but beyond that I haven’t the faintest idea what’s happening” – Pop Justice
  • “Whitney’s doing I Will Always Love you so badly that she’s missing notes on purpose to make a joke of it. AMAZING” – Pop Justice
  • “People are starting to walk out…” – Works for prominent radio station
  • “People really aren’t impressed, even the big Whitney fans” – Twitter

Sad, sad, sad times. I just don’t know what to say – this isn’t a good thing and I get absolutely no satisfaction from posting any of this but I just feel it needs to be said –  I truly believe fans (yes, you and me alike) are being fooled into buying into nostalgia at this point. Whitney Houston must know that her voice isn’t up to standard and her people (management, PR etc) must know. Moreover, the man who discovered her, Clive Davis (one of my idols FYI) must know that Houston’s vocals sound strained. I just do not understand why she’s on tour – it can’t be about money, she has plenty.

Would love to hear from those of you who attended last night. Be honest and feel free to correct me if I am genuinely misinformed.

Update: Judging by the comments from fans who attended last night – we weren’t wrong.

Peace, Love & Whitney Houston


Sidenote: I must add that I also saw a lot of comments saying she was doing brilliant – as much as I find it hard to believe –  I can’t deny that I saw people tweeting that. However, I know that my peoples, who were there, aren’t bullshitting – so I’m sticking with them on this one.

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it was shocking. I so wanted the stories in the papers to be wrong. She knew she wasnt delivering and must have been able to see everyone walking out early. I left early and the tube was full of people saying how awful it was, but in a its so sad kind of way.

Comment by david

I was utterly disappointed. I fan from the start I wish I had left my concert memories at Wembley. I felt sad for her but also I to believe her Management team and her must know shes not up to it! She came back too big, maybe should have done a few small venuues first. Anyway I still love her and will too just listen to her albums and hope that one day she will return a little stronger.

Comment by Lynn Jacobs

Sadly it was as bad as heard it was going to be. Her voice was a car crash, she has no range at all now and she virtually butchered all her old classics with her vocal arrangements on them. What made it worse is that she sang the bare minimum on most of these, letting the backing singers fill the gaps. On the plus side she did a decent job on some of her new material.

However I really did feel sorry for her when I saw half the arena had already left by the time she came back out for the encore. Tragic.

Comment by andrew

It was awful!! I’m 18 but been to alot of concerts In my life and can easily say this was the worst, which is such a Shame as it could of been the best!! I felt akward being there and watching everyone cringe at every note. My whole row had left but as we had paid a ridiculous amount of money for tickets we decided to stay,but left before the encore.she murdered some of her best songs! I think we will be trying to get our money back,i knew there were bad reviews but never thought this bad. I’ve never seen so many people walk out like I did after her shocking ‘i will always love you’. I wish I could have said it was amazing.such a shame!

Comment by kate

I totally agree with all of the above comments and this morning I just feel as though I’ve been conned! I just wish I hadn’t gone, so that I could remember Whitney at her World Class best. Instead, I feel that I have been conned into paying top dollar prices for a concert that she just isn’t able to deliver. Yes, it’s sad, but actually I feel cross at parting with hard earned money, when hits were missed out because she can’t sing them anymore (!), she laughed when she missed out notes she couldn’t reach and rambled on for far too long about her “dear friend Micheal” etc. I have been a Whitney fan for years and would have continued to be so, but I do not like being taken for a mug. Much of last night relied far too much on the loyalty of her fans and sadly, I was pushed too far. I even feel guilty for saying that, as it was obvious she was struggling up there, but then she and her promotors shouldn’t have taken my money!!!!! I know I am not alone as the tube was full of other fans who left early and were equally disappointed. I intend to try and get some money back. Does anyone know how to go about this please?

Comment by lynda

I’m afraid all the comments are so true – it was all very sad, we just wanted someone to take her in their arms and say, enough! We left before the end and felt very disturbed with what we had seen. Her management needs to cancel the remaining shows and put Whitney first.

Comment by Richard

Well I am going tonight to see her and have got to say am not really looking forward to it now – won the tickets and am in a corporate vip box so hopefully the free drink and food will make up for Whitney 😦

Comment by Tom

Well, I’m sure if you get drunk on the free booze, Whitney won’t sound half as bad.

Comment by andrew

I was one of the ones that left… it was just too cringe worthy, especially when the booing started. Such a shame. Half of me feels sorry for her, the other half is outraged the tour went ahead when she clearly couldn’t do it. I think she needs to make a public apology. It seemed like another person up there on the stage, time to give it up Whitney.

Comment by Amy

No words can really describe how bad Whitney performed last night. It was emotional to see a once world class singer fail to deliver. I was willing for her to hit those high notes and sing in tune. I have listened to her songs all my life, “I have nothing” is a song so precious to my girlfriend and I. I regret going to see her, she was very poor. I shall continue to play her music but never wish to watch her live again.

Comment by Brian & Diona

I agree completely with everything said about last nights concert. If anything can put you of drink and drugs go to a Whitney Houston concert, We left at 10pm and she had probably sung 6 songs but they were all just bits and didn’t sing any big hits right the way through thats not including the ones she seemed to improvise by just repeating three or four words over and over again. She rambled on then did a costume change. Letting her brother take the stage. Then the band just seemed to be filling time till she came back on. Can any one tell me what time it actually finished as we really couldn’t bare to stay any longer after she murderd I will always love you, others felt the same as there seemed to be a mass exodus. money back please!!!

Comment by sally

I attended last night and felt nothing but sadness for her. They have let her go on when she can’t and doesn’t want to. I love her but she is not who she was

Comment by Natalie

I am now actually OBSESSED with how bad she was, I just cannot believe that WHITNEY HOUSTON, can’t sing anymore, I mean, she’s WHITNEY-BLOODY-HOUSTON, look up singing in the dictionary and you see her face! I went last night obviously knowing of her past troubles and was expecting her to be maybe a bit crazy but I thought she’d still be able to sing, but she actually just couldn’t do it. It was so sad and embarrassing, she was a pitiful sight on that huge stage in that huge venue trying to prove that she’s still got it when so, so unfortunately, she hasn’t. People were leaving in their droves, it was excruciating. I just feel really sad for her and agree whole heartedly that whoever her “people” are, they should not have let her do this, she is simply not ready and maybe she never will be again. We should all just remember her as she once was.

Comment by JMF

{aid £110.00 per ticked and want our money back. She was shocking! Cringed all the way through. Wouldn’t have been so bad if she had done all her old stuff but who wants to hear new stuff no one knows the words to with her singing oh so badly. She struck a very sad figure. Many people left early, we didn’t stay for the encore – even at £110.00 – enough is enough. I she still a junky? Or is this just the after effects? Truly shocking. A complete and utter waste of money!! If you have tickets please try to sell them or get a refund – really do not bother to go.

Comment by Ni ola

Sorry to have to say it but all of the above comments are spot on. She was awful. I wasn’t expecting her to be able to sing as well as she used to but I never dreamed she’d be as bad as she was. I thought her presence alone would make up for the not so fantastic voice but it seriously didn’t. It was sad to watch and I was one of the few that did stick around for the encore when she came out singing Million Dollar Bill wearing jeans and a fur coat ready to get in her limo back to the hotel! The price for these tickets was a total piss take, I’m back to the O2 to see Leona Lewis in June and paid half the Whitney ticket price – at least she’ll be able to belt out those notes.

Comment by Vicki

Well, we all have up’s and down.lets give a chance, No matter how bad it looks right now She will get better.put your self in her shoes and ask ur self if you will give it up?Trust me she will get better.

Comment by NOYO JARMAN

Well, we all are saying it was very bad,but I say let’s give her a chance to rise again.just put ur self in her shoes,remember her good days and what she would become if only we help her.wat can we do for a sister?

Comment by NOYO JARMAN

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