Chris Brown & Tyga – “Holla At Me” [VIDEO] by Windowpane
Wednesday, April 21, 2010, 11:52 pm
Filed under: Music, Music News, Must Read

Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

Chris Brown, what the f*ck you doing sir? Your career isn’t poppin’ right now (for obvious reasons), doing this is not helping you. Where’s your management/PR at? Word is Breezy & Tyga are working on a mixtape entitled Fan of a Fan – what happened to “I can’t be a mixtape artist”? Really? How many of you think this mixtape…or collaboration for that matter would have taken place had that ugly ‘incident’ not happened? Um, yea.

Why the heck is he rapping?

I’m not a publicity expert, but I’m pretty sure with enough work and time Chris Brown could come back. He’s a young guy and the bottom line is – we (the public) cannot punish him forever. However, with this type of stupidness (and I call it stupidness because we all know, musically speaking, he’s better than this) continually dropping, it’s getting harder and harder to disassociate the man and the talent.

Try again.

Peace, Love & Chris Brown


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