One To Watch: Jimetta Rose by Windowpane
Sunday, April 18, 2010, 10:33 am
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I have selfishly been keeping Jimetta Rose to myself for a good few months. I apologise. After you press play on this, you’re going to be angry with me. Why? Because she’s so freaking fly, that’s why. Jimetta’s debut album The Barber’s Daughter dropped in January, I discovered it around a month after and have been repeatedly listening to it ever since.

A good, ol’ fashioned dose of Soul is something we all love to hear, but when it’s delivered in such a fresh, contemporary and powerful way, that’s a different story – enter Los Angeles native Jimetta Rose. A name you may have heard on projects by Georgia Ann Muldrow and most recently Shafiq Husayn’s En’-A-Free-Ka.

Upon hearing the albums first song “Glory Us”, which sees Jimetta singing passionately to her love, in a way that reminds me of Jill Scott, captures perfectly, what you can expect from the rest of the LP. But before you even think this is just another ‘copy cat’ artist, let me stop you – this lady has her very own style, her very own stance. Any comparisons made to Scott or any other established and respected artist, need only be taken as the complement it was intended to be. Nothing more, nothing less.

Clearly inspired by the greats, The Barber’s Daughter, continues strong – influences from Africa, Jazz, the Blues, and Funk can be heard scattered around, all wrapped up in undiluted soul. Songs like “On My Own”, “I Got God” and “Revolution Out There”  (which she also rhymes on FYI) provide a groove I  have missed in Soul music.

Jimetta’s voice is so clear, so concise, so unquestionably soulful it captivates, quite literally. I often find myself having to re-listen to a certain line, or a certain ad-lib just to have it sink in. And don’t be mistaken, she’s not ‘just a singer’ either, she has something to say too. The album focuses heavily on love, all aspects of love. Rose opens her heart about being in love, giving love, being loved and wanting to be loved. She also covers some political ground on the empowering and provoking “America (Revisited)”. Meaningful lyrics gives this LP an even greater and fulfilling purpose.

The Barber’s Daughter is an album you will continue to listen to weeks, months, years after your first play. I firmly believe that.  It is due to artists like Jimetta and albums like this, that this year, I have such a rejuvenated view of Soul music. I am so excited to introduce you guys to this wonderful artist and only hope you enjoy her as much as I have/am.

Preview the entire album by pressing play on the bandcamp player above and then support it by purchasing it (for only $12!).

Peace, Love & Jimetta Rose


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She is good. is she new?

Comment by team officiallyurban

she’s been grindin’ for a minute, but this is her debut – came out in Jan. So yea, I’d say she was new. Glad you like!

Comment by Speeakz

thank you so much for sharing this! ive been in need of some new soul music, this woman fits perfectly!

Comment by soulfullyyours

oooooh i LIKE this!!!!

Comment by ashley devner

This was lovely BTW…

Comment by Matilda Egere-Cooper

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