Whitney Houston Gets Booed By UK Fans [NEWS] by Windowpane
Wednesday, April 14, 2010, 12:36 pm
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Oh, damn, this ain’t good. Expected and understandable maybe, but not good. According to various reports Whitney Houston’ got everything ‘but love’ during her first live UK gig in over 15 years. The show was so terrible that the Birmingham crowd resorted to booing the legend while on stage. Their complaints were focused on her vocal ability (or lack there of) and her continuously extended costume changes – which saw the singer frequently leave the stage and her brother (?!?) take over. Whitney herself acknowledged her fans dismay when after returning from a 20-minute break said “I could hear you getting pissed off”. “It’s the worst concert I’ve ever been to in my life” said one concert goer. “Too much talking, not enough singing” said another [source]

Man, this is just so sad! I hate to keep on saying it but clearly, Whitney Houston should not be on stage at the moment. She needs to get her voice back on track – I’m not even sure that’s possible at this point – because she’s actually murdering her legacy. People should not remember Whitney’s unparalleled talent as what it is today and I guess the only way to preserve that is to not sing right now.

I have been a Whitney Houston fan, like most people, pretty much all my life and I would love to be able to say that I’ve seen her live, but I point blank refuse (REFUSE) to attend this tour and have my image of what Houston can do tarnished. The same way I refuse and continue to refuse to check Lauryn Hill’s live shows. It’s not worth it.

Above all else, it’s just sad.

Peace, Love & Whitney Houston


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Clive Davis pulled this woman back into the industry far too soon, she’s not long since faced her own demons and needs time to recouperate properly and fully, without some record company big wig dangling a carrot in front of her.

Like you, I have grown up listening to Whitney’s music, it was always played around me, my brother used to be a big fan of hers too, so her music was always around. It’s painful to see her going through this, she deserves so much more than she’s getting at the moment. She’s not ready for the limelight just yet, she appears far too fragile at the moment. I adore Whitney, but she needs to take an extended break and come back better than ever, when SHE’S ready.

The fact that fans are booing her sends out a bad message. I wanted to see her live (I was far too young the last time she toured and couldn’t go) plainly on the fact that it’s Whitney and she’s a legend. Whitney deserves better, she’s worth it. But she’s just not ready for the attention at the moment, it seems. I hope she’s better soon, I really do. I adore Whitney and her music!

Comment by w00sh

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Whitney was absolutely awful last night at Birmingham, couldn’t sing and didn’t appear to remember all the words to her own songs. She rambled between songs making very little sense and provided a very boring evening. My friends and I were so disappointed we left before the end but not before the booing. Time for her to retire and not disappoint many more fans.

Comment by joanne fisher

I applaud Whitney…I’m not a huge fan but she is one of the greatest. I blame her management…too much too soon! Her tour is one a young person couldn’t pull off! Also, her health…I believe she has emphysema…she has all the signs..either way..she could still be great if she would just give it a rest and get her breathing back on track…I don’t think it’s drugs at all..She has too many handlers , etc for that and I honestly think, she’s over that period. Good luck Whit

Comment by Roam

i was at her concert laast night and wow shes lost it! not jus the drugs and alchohol through the years but also her health – not so great!! still cheered her on and love her all the same, tried to sing with her but all she did was talk:( miss the old whitney, oh well life goes on!! xxxxxx good luck in the future babes!

Comment by Orla

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