STREET | TALK NY EDITION [Episode Five] by Windowpane
Monday, April 12, 2010, 10:39 am
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You know the deal with Street | Talk by now, right? The STREET section in this, the latest episode, asks every day New Yorker’s to share their opinions on America’s obsession with celebrity. The TALK portion is a sit down (well, stand up) interview with visual artist Ellis G – which you can check after the jump (definitely recommend doing so).

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Peace, Love & Street | Talk


Ellis Gallagher, also known as ELLIS G. , is a native New Yorker  and visual artist.  Ellis started his career with graffiti  but his tagging days came to a halt, when a friend was killed in front of him by a train, while they were in the tunnels tagging. Ellis’s career path has since taken his graffiti background through different forms with  mediums like chalk and fire.  His work has been profiled by  several New York media outlets and was the subject of  a Grammy Award winning documentary, detailing his trials as a street artist.

ELLIS G. is noted for bringing Shadow Art to the forefront of street art. He outlines various iconic objects of New York’s identity with chalk via the shadows they cast . Ellis sites shadow art as an alternative but equally engaging form of graffiti that is less intrusive and more of a pleasant surprise.  Ellis is part of what makes New York City a living canvas that inspires and in turn becomes a work of art.

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