Janelle Monae Live At the Highroom Ballroom [VIDEO] by Windowpane
Friday, April 9, 2010, 6:54 pm
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Just spotted this over at H.E.R. spot and had to nab the quote she posted next to it from the homie Mickey Factz, who said:

Janelle Monae is one bad chick, actually she’s technically a Bad Boy, but point being after witnessing her destroy the Highline Ballroom last night I realized there’s no one out there in her lane. Her style musically and the raw energy she creates have no father, Janelle birthed everything she brings to the stage all by her lonely. Simply amazing.”

…Actually couldn’t agree more. It’s evident with the material she’s putting out that Janelle Monae is in fact other Worldly, but it’s when you see her live – that’s when this fact really does sink in. Soul isn’t dead. Neither is Funk. Janelle Monae is, without a doubt, the future.

The ArchAndroid drops May 18th. Need that in my life now!

Peace, Love & Janelle Monae


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not to take anything away from Miss Moane who I admire very much, but regarding this quote:

“Janelle birthed everything she brings to the stage all by her lonely.”

has Mickey Factz ever heard of this guy named James Brown, nothing is completely original especially not in this day and age, cmon son. big ups to James Brown first and foremost and much respect to Janelle Monae who puts on a great show and has a great range.

Comment by James

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