Industry Insiders #1: PMOI @ SXSW 2010 [VIDEO] by Windowpane
Wednesday, April 7, 2010, 10:06 pm
Filed under: Music, Must Watch, Things We're Diggin'

The homegirl Amelia hit up SXSW this year and of course, got her grind on. I’ve been bugging her to see this footage but ya know, she’s a busy lady, but she finally got some of it up. This video is definitely for the artists/industry folk out there (I know many of you be checking PinBoard on a regular), so thank Miss PMOI for getting you in the know.

Whilst I was at SXSW last month, a big music conference/ festival in Texas (which is a bit of a sausage fest), I met these amazing entrepreneurial women who seemed to be running the best showcases & companies, talking to and interviewing everyone, taking amazing photos and generally doing their thing. In the middle of all of that I somehow managed to grab a minute with each of them (literally all they had time for), to find out more.

Fadia was too busy running sh*t – that’s dope! Fadia is a good homie, she is indeed running tings. Brap! But yea, cool piece, I enjoyed watching that and hearing creative minds speak.

Peace, Love & SXSW


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