It’s Our 2nd Birthday!!! by Windowpane
Tuesday, March 30, 2010, 3:09 am
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It’s almost impossible to think that PinBoard has been going for 2 years now, but we can’t deny our age. It’s been a remarkable 2 years, one that has seen (without exaggeration) my life completely change. PinBoard has opened so many different doors for me personally, it’s difficult to fathom fully. Along the way I have met and had the privalge to work with some truly incredible people.

I can’t continue this without thanking the PinBoard Crew – Shan (Fantastic*nt) Phearon, Shernay Edwards, Zainab Jama, Parimal Makwana and the newest recruits S_H_E, Felicia Okoye & Ash ‘MusicIsRemedy’ Roye. Without a doubt the best and most talented crew one could hope for. 2010 is going to be ridiculous. We know this.

Massive thanks to all the artists, bloggers and music heads who I’ve got a chance to meet, get to know and work with too. Too many to list, but if we’ve shared, discussed, debated music – you’re included.

I’m not going to get too deep here, simply because the next couple weeks will speak for themselves. I was fully intending on having the NEW SITE go live today, but I decided it needed to wait  (I’m doing a Kanye). It wasn’t ready. It needs and will be perfect before you see it. This is my baby and it ain’t being birthed until’ it’s time. And thankfully, now, it is ready and beyond perfect. So, within the next few weeks PinBoard 2.0 will launch and with it and incredible array of exclusive projects. It kills me to not be able to divugle, but I promise you (PROMISE YOU!) it will all be worth the wait.

Most importantly though, thank you, thank you, thank you to all our readers for your continued support! It means the world to us that you chose to come here each and every day and support what we do. PinBoard has gone into something much more than I/we ever anticipated and as clique as it may sound, that’s all down to you. As we continue to expand, evolve and grow some more, we thank you. Much love.

Oh, and if you’re wondering what we’d like for our birthday – you’ll be glad to know it won’t cost you a penny. All we ask is, you tell someone who doesn’t already know about us…about us! It’s that simple. Tell someone who you know who loves great music about PinBoard and what we do. Oh, and tweet about this! Take to your twitter and tell your followers that it’s our birthday and you’re celebrating with us!

Peace & Love

Speeakz & Crew

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In more ways then one you guys have changed the way I listen to music. Continued success to you and thank you!!!!!!!


Comment by pauld

happpppppy birrrrrtttthhhdddaaaaay!!!!!!!!! Speakz continue to do what you do!!!!!!! I only check a few sites daily and this is definitely one of them! I will be giving yoru your present too i’ll be telling more than one person though!!!!!!!

Comment by Amy Edwards

bless up pinboard happy birthday!!!!i

Comment by biggathanyou

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I love b-day celebrations, and this one is well deserved, congrats;-)!


Comment by Chai

fuck you and a happy birthday

Comment by fuck that


Comment by dawnk

Happy Birthday PinBoard..and to another dope PinBoard year. Can’t express enough how amazing it is to see the PinBoard blog blow up over the past two years. Peace. PinBoard crew represent. xxx

Comment by palweezy

happy bithrday guys!

Comment by Annabelle

continued success to you all! love your work and cant wait to see the new site! happy birthday!

Comment by Sasha

Yo, happy birthday and congrats on going from strength to strength my man.

No doubt we’ll continue to work together on dope rap eh?

Boooooooooom! Here’s to another two [and loads more] years!

Comment by Abjekt

happy b’day.
well done on 2 years.
before you know it you’ll be 5! 🙂


Comment by cubikmusik

woop woop! happy birthday pinboardblog!!!!! continued success to you all

Comment by uknowit

Big up yourself family on your earth strong …

And many more. Tres exciting times to come! X

Comment by S.H.E

Happy B-Day!!!!!!

Comment by James

Happy Birthday!

You deserve all of the success in the world, your site rocks.

Time does fly by when you’re doing your own site though, I know as this year it will be three years since I started my own. Time flies when you’re having fun.

Comment by w00sh

your site remains the only blog I visit on a daily basis! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! There are tons out there but you guys keep it real and 100 all day. Been with you for a good year of that 2 years and look forward to many more!



Comment by Meezy

birthday wishes from Holland!

Comment by travis

Happy birthday Pinboard crew, much love from PMOI.

Comment by PMOI

Happy Bday to the homies at Pinboard!

Comment by Keelay

happy bday!!!!!!!! Keep up the fantastic work!

Comment by pete walters

Happy B’day & all that good stuff that coms with it!!
Recent fan & follower but will be spreading the word…
oh yea… hurry Up wid the new site pls!!
V xx

Comment by Vula

Happy Birthday and here is to many more birthdays for you guys!! You’re doing a fantastic job and I’m looking forward to checking the new PinBoard site!! T x

Comment by Tamanda


Comment by Peter Hadar

Happy Birthday! Easily one of our favourite blogs, keep on bringing the best, you have our full support. Cant wait to see your new site. Stay Blessed & Blogging.

Pbleepd Crew!

Comment by Pbleepd

Many happy returns! Have to shout out the man behind the blog, Speeakz. A genuine stand up guy, whose passion for music is infectious. Integrity always prevails and you’ve got an abundance of it.

Big ups!

Comment by Felicia

Big up Pinboard! congrats. keep bringing that heat!

Comment by RUN

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