Lady GaGa Bigger Than Beyonce? by Windowpane
Monday, March 22, 2010, 5:03 pm
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Just spotted this over at Necole Bitchie’s spot. Check out what celebrity blogger (and all round fool) Perez Hilton says to Vibe about Lady GaGa…

“I would say that Gaga is a bigger pop star than Beyoncé right now, just [based on] the sheer statistics. Like, all of Gaga’s singles have gone top of the charts,” said Perez. “Gaga’s tour, selling out. Beyoncé’s last tour did not have a lot of sellouts. And I’m not dissing her or anything. I’m just looking at it statistically.”

“I think the ‘Telephone’ video blows away the ‘Video Phone’ video. ‘Telephone’ is such an epic work of art. It’s like a mini movie and there’s so much going on it really lends itself to repeated viewings,” said Perez. “What’s great about it is even though it’s Gaga’s song featuring Beyoncé, they both come across really well in the video and they both work really well together. [There’s] lots of criticism from lots of people but you know what, Gaga doesn’t care. She makes art and music for her fans and her fans love the video.”

This is very strange to me. Bey’s been selling and breaking records for over 10 years now. GaGa is definitely slaying everyone at the moment, but not sure she’s topped what Beyonce has been consistently doing for a decade or more just yet. Time will tell.

…But yea, interested to hear what YOU got to say?

Peace, Love, Lady GaGa & Beyonce


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no one is bigger than Beyonce at earth!
at least people respect her and she doesn’t strip down or show her **** or kiss girls 4 attention!

Comment by OSO

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