Michael Jackson’s Estate Signs Historic $250m Sony Deal [NEWS] by Windowpane
Tuesday, March 16, 2010, 11:36 am
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It’s crazy to think that all this is happening and Michael Jackson isn’t even here. But, however sordid it may sound, it’s business at the end of the day and I only hope that MJ’s kids see the money being passed around…

The estate of Michael Jackson has reportedly agreed a deal worth up to $250 million (£166 million) with Sony Music. A compilation of previously unreleased songs is said to be planned for release before the end of the year. According to the Wall Street Journal, the contract guarantees the estate at least $200 million and covers the release of ten albums over a seven-year period, including a mix of previously unreleased music and new packages of older tracks. Chairman of Sony Music Entertainment’s Columbia/Epic Label Group Rob Stringer expressed confidence that the firm would recoup its investment and said of the deal: “We see it as a partnership.” The contract, believed to be the biggest in music history, retroactively covers last year’s This Is It compilation and is also likely to include expanded reissues of Off The WallBad, a remix album and a DVD of music videos. The John Branca-negotiated deal extends the existing right of Sony to distribute Jackson’s recordings through 2015 up to 2017. It also adds the rights to material recorded since the signing of a previous contract in the early 1980s. [Source]

Mad, right? Sony will be able to distribute Michael’s recordings through 2015, up to 2017! The man died in 2009! MJ is breaking records from beyond the grave – “the contract, believed to be the biggest in music history”. Like I said up top, this is business at the end of the day and for his children’s sake, it’s a good thing. Jackson wanted his kids looked after, finacially, forever and with deals like this flying around – it looks like he accomplished just that. I do hope though that they don’t water down his musical legacy – they need to leave the classics alone (yes, you too Quincy) and release NEW or previously unreleased material. We know they have tons!

Peace, Love & Michael Jackson


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