Lady GaGa Feat Beyonce – “Telephone” [Official Full Video] by Windowpane
Friday, March 12, 2010, 2:44 am
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It’s FINALLY here. Check out the much anticipated video from Lady GaGa & Beyonce…!

…First of all let me just congratulate Lady GaGa on bringing back true excitement for a music video. I truly applaud and respect what she’s accomplished. She has made this a real event.

Now, on to the video – it’s bloody incredble and well worth the wait. Anyone who says otherwise is fooling themselves. I’m not a massive GaGa fan, but I can’t deny this. It’s a a visual masterpiece that Michael Jackson would be proud of (in terms of the grandeur).

Lady GaGa kissing up that chick, Beyonce in her first Lesbian role – this video gives me everything. Everything I tell you! LOL! Honestly, taking everything in consideration (build up, collaborative effort, buzz, concept, costumes etc) I would go as far as saying that this is the best video of recent years. No joke. No hype. Lady GaGa went there and then-some. Madonna, retirement is well and truly calling.

Update: Just re-watched it – there’s some serrrrrrious product placement in this video – no wonder they had a massive budget Lol! GaGa x Dr.Dre headphones, Diet Coke, Virgin Mobile, Polaroid…

Peace, Love, Lady GaGa & Beyonce


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Boo! cant see it anymore..

Comment by Vula

loserrrrrr youuu are!!!!!

Comment by betty

The only good placement was the plentyoffish shot of the guard at 4 minutes. I wonder how much many millions they paid for that

Comment by tim

more product placement: Chanel, Wonder Bread and Miracle Whip…. possibly more

Comment by Dillon Farmer

No hype. Lady GaGa went there and then-some. Madonna, retirement is well and truly calling.


Comment by Cee

ewwwww!!!!!!!! gooooooon!!!!

Comment by betty

This made me think of some of quentin tarantino’s movies. She soo copied the pussywagon from kill bill

Comment by Sanne

omg i actually love it

Comment by frankiee

Are you SERIOUS? Please don’t make idiotic comments about Madonna Vs. Lady Crappa, Not sure if you’ve done your homework but Madonna has done things this joke would never accomplish. Sorry I’m not a fan of either, just stating the facts. Music industry is shit now…………. R

Comment by Rell

Sanne – they let her borrow the pussy wagon! read her interview at

Comment by Dillon Farmer

Had to watch that on mute.

But LIVING for the styling!

Comment by L.A.B

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