Monday, March 8, 2010, 1:13 pm
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London’s BEST music venue is under threat from the council who are looking to close it’s doors forever. Rather than get into the specific details (which, I do suggest you read up on, via the ‘Keep Plastic People Alive’ facebook group), I am here to appeal to your love for music.

Plastic People is not ‘just’ a venue in London, it’s an institution and a home for an entire culture. The sound system is unrivalled and the (near) pitch-black space is quite easily the most relaxed and safe places I have ever raved. The venue holds a lot of personal memories for me, but that’s not why we need to save it. We need to save it as it’s one of the few venues left that actually give up-and-coming, under the radar and specialist acts/DJ’s a space to do what they doThere is NO ALTERNATIVE to Plastic People in this city.

So for these reason and a million more, I implore you (both London & Worldwide family) to sign the online petition, which takes no more than a few seconds and help do something about this. If you’ve never been to Plastic People before, sign it because you love music, or simply as a favour to me or as an early birthday present (lol!) – sign this so you have the chance to experience it.


Thank you!

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