Blu – “Amnesia” [VIDEO] by Windowpane
Saturday, March 6, 2010, 11:46 am
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One of my favourite emcee’s Blu just dropped his video (via his twitter) for, one of my favourite tracks (of his) – “Amnesia”, which comes off his incredible HerFavColo(u)r EP. This tune blows my mind, everytime I hear it – it’s one of those tracks that I periodically go back to. The video is dope too – with Billie Holiday singing that jazzy, heartbroken sample, the 1940’s clips used compliment the mood of the track perfectly.

Peace, Love & Blu


Shouts to 2dbz

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not too sure why this is being said to be a video coming from blu.. coz it was my best friend that came across it (the guy who made it makes a bunch like this) and blu liked it, that was all.

just thought i would say, coz it seems bcoz blu said it was official on his twitter that ppl are taking it as that. – i know him hence why i say all this 😛

Comment by s_

Oh word? Ok, cool – good to know. Blu should have mentioned that on his twitter if that’s the case. Damn artists always taking the credit lol

Comment by Speeakz

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