Gonjasufi – “A Sufi and A Killer” [REVIEW / ONE TO WATCH] by Windowpane
Friday, March 5, 2010, 4:20 am
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I will go as a far saying that Gonjasufi is one of the most ‘unique’ (for lack of a better word) artists’ we’ve ever featured on PinBoard. We only post dope things on this site, so trust in us, but I feel I need to say “keep an open mind”, before introducing you to the world Gonjasufi has created with his incredible debut A Sufi and A Killer.

Produced by Flying Lotus, The Gaslamp Killer and Mainframe, this psychedelic and colourful album is by far one of the most eclectic pieces of work I’ve ever heard. The sounds and genre changes dramatically from song to song and while many may find that erratic and in-cohesive, I find it quite interesting. On first hearing A Sufi and A Killer, after reading about it in the RBMA’s Daily Note, I was confused – not simply because it is pretty ‘out there’, but because I was really enjoying it! And no, I wasn’t high.

I enjoyed the dramatically varying influences – from Rock, to Folk, to the sounds of the Middle East, to Hip Hop, back to electro-dub-breakbeat-something. I challenge anyone to put a label on what Gonjasufi has managed to assemble here. Gonjasufi’s voice is haunting, but seemingly acts as an accompanying instrument as apposed to the LP’s focal point. Admittedly there are some hit and misses throughout the album, but when it’s right – it’s right and for the most part it is – the songs grow and compliment each other well.

Listen: Gonjasufi – “Ancestors” (click arrow to download)

The fact that A Sufi and A Killer is difficult to label in an age where everything seems to fit into a musical box (R&B / Hip Hop / Soul / Pop / Rock etc) is energising. To experience something that plays so dangerously close to the line between genius and insanity is exhilarating. I reckon this is the closet to the hallucigenics-peace-loving-1970’s as we’re going to get. And like all those great albums, the more you listen to this, the more you discover and fall in love with it. For me A Sufi and A Killer is an experiment gone great and reflects true artistry, exploration and musicology.

A Sufi and A Killer is out via Warp Records on 8th/9th March 2010. Support great music.

Peace, Love & Gonjasufi


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