Amon Tobin – “Hey Mr-Tee” [NEW Track] by Windowpane
Thursday, February 4, 2010, 9:04 pm
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Before I heard this song, I had never in my life heard of Anon Tobin. I’m sure folks who are fans of his are shocked, considering his been releasing music for over 10 years. But I’m a Hip Hop head, the ‘beats’ world is something I dabble in, not something I’m really submerged in (right, Zayns?).

Anyways, at 2:30am last night, I was randomly trolling through a few forums (the music geek in me), looking for some new music to inspire/entertain me and found a track called “Hey Mr-Tee”. I had a listen and it blew my f*cking mind. Check it out…

Purchase the song here

I had to listen to this a few times, just to check what I was hearing was real haha. That opening 2-step garage-like beat, with that door opening sound effect sample? Oh shit. Then that bassline warps its way through the sub-woofer and you’re off. In and out through some next level audio-intergalactic-journey – all the while repeatedly saying “what the f*ck?” in sheer amazement.


Apologies for the all Amon Tobin fans I may have offended with the opening line of this post (lol) –  I am now fully aware of who is and am definitely a fan – expect more from this guy on PinBoard in the future. It’s all about discovery at the end of the day and finding this track is exactly why I love the internets so much. Brand, spanking new music is always just a click away.

Peace, Love & Amon Tobin


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Comment by mymanhenri

If you like this definitely check out his album Foley Room.

Comment by Pwelbs

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