Brittany Bosco – “Ragdoll” [NEW Track] by Windowpane
Wednesday, February 3, 2010, 1:16 am
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Brand spanking new Brittany Bosco track called “Ragdoll”, it’s only a snippet but check the new direction she’s going in…

“Ok”, “Wow”, “Ummm” were the first things that rushed through my mind upon hearing this. “Ragdoll” is clearly, a very, very big departure to what Bosco has previously put out. With a heavy rock influence, Brittany sounds like she’s the lead singer of a band as opposed to the forward thinking soul singer we’ve all come to know.

Do I like it? That’s an interesting question. If I’m being truthful, I don’t know. I think I’d need to hear the entire song before I can really make a judgement. My initial reactions are quite simply: uncertainty. I do agree that it is essential to switch things up, remain interesting and as an artist, to push boundaries – but this, for me, may be a little far out there.

I remain a massive fan of Bosco’s. She’s one of the those rare artists who actually excite me. I look forward to hearing new material from her – that fact remains true. I need to hear this track fully and I need to hear more music from her upcoming project. Excited!

Update: Full version now added. Ummm, I think I love it now? Listening to it in its entirety, with my phat off speakers – this sounds freaking HOT! < See, never judge a track on a) first listen and b) a snippet!

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Peace, Love & Brittany Bosco


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aside from the obvious, i love the photo

Comment by howaboutbeth

what in the world is going on this track is horible. I sure hope she does not go in this direction wow this sucks. Maybe the label is pushing this on her. I don’t like it.

Comment by BlackMan

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