Classic Moment: Mariah Carey Remixes by Windowpane
Wednesday, January 27, 2010, 1:51 am
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This post actually started very differently. I was just finishing up a ‘Classic Moment’ post which featured Mariah’s “Sweetheart” video. By no means her most ‘classic’ song, but just something that I randomly started humming and thought to post. Anyways, at the end of the post, I wrote a ‘P.s’ which simply noted how great Mariah’s remixes used to be.

Remember: “Thank God I Found You” with Joe & Nas? Or “Heartbreaker” w/ Missy & Da Brat? “Fantasy” w/ ODB. and “The Roof” w/ Mobb Deep. Not to mention brilliant remixes of “My All (Stay Awhile)”, “I Still Believe (Pure Imagination)”  w/ Bone Thugz & “Honey”, to name but a few. I then decided to post all the aforementioned remixes ‘after the jump’ and while I was doing so, realised that that was a post in itself.

So this ‘Classic Moment’ is dedicated to the Mariah Carey that used to drop hot remixes (of already pretty hot records). The Mariah Carey that used to collaborate intelligently. The Mariah Carey that produced well thought out reworkings and accompanying videos. And not the Mariah Carey that is currently trying to salvage an already piss-poor album by getting a bunch of ‘hot’ artists’ to add a verse or two.

Hit the jump for the rest of the admired remixes.

Lambs – fall back.

Peace, Love & Classic Moment


P.s Despite what you may think, I was a crazy Mariah stan back in the day. I just ain’t blind or deaf.

“Heartbreaker” Feat Missy Elliott & Da Brat

“Fantasy” Feat ODB

“The Roof” Feat Mobb Deep

“My All (Stay Awhile)”

“I Still Believe (Pure Imagination)”

“I Still Believe” Feat Mocha & Amil (Stevie J Remix)

“Honey” (Bad Boy Remix)

Bonus: Sweetheart” Feat JD

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She used to be on fire.

Comment by Moobz

Yuuup. Her remixes used to be dope. I think now she’s so desperate to still be ‘current’ that she just goes with watered down RnB. She doesn’t make an effort anymore but I think it’s more out of fear of it being rejected. She also suffers with a major identity crisis these days.. she should just go have babies and leave the cheesy RnB to the young un’s…

Comment by Stef

Oh and you forgot this gem:

very 90s New York!

Comment by Stef

Damn, how did I forget that one? Consider it added!

Comment by Speeakz

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