Lauryn Hill Performs “Doo Wop (That Thing)” [VIDEO] by Windowpane
Sunday, January 24, 2010, 6:06 pm
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Great to see Lauryn performing this song, but we’d all be lying if we said she’s fully back on form. Sad times.

Peace, Love & Lauryn Hill


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“we’d all be lying if we said she’s fully back on form. Sad times.”

are you serious? she sounds great and looks really happy!!

Ms Hill >>>> everybody in the game.

sad times??? ffs

Comment by yuuup

Seriously? You think this is as good as she was when drop ‘Miseducation’? Wow. Ok.

Comment by Speeakz

Her vocals have been shot for a minute now 😦 Can’t knock her enthusiasm though (side glance)

Comment by Matilda Egere-Cooper

did i say that? nope. that mis ed. album came out, what, over 10 years ago? people need to get over it, of course she’s not going to sound/preform like she did back then!

as a fan of her music/artistry I’m glad she is looking so happy,enjoying preforming and sounding better than she has in awhile.

Comment by yuuup

You’ve got a good point yuuup and she’s doing her thing, but there’s also a contingent of artists that get better with age.

Comment by Matilda Egere-Cooper

I’d have to agree. It’s great she’s having a good time and is looking (somewhat) ‘together’. But that doesn’t take away from the fact she’s a shadow of her former self (musically speaking at least).

Comment by Speeakz

asdfgh! “looking somewhat together” yep cos thats what really matters right? *smh*

“the fact a shadow of her former self (musically speaking at least).”
are you doing this to irk me???? every piece of NEW music I have heard from her has been equal to if not better than anything on mis ed, both lyrically and musically,

i’m not saying everyone should think shes brilliant etc but it really grinds my gears when people pull the whole…she looks a mess/shes crazy card, it’s lazy.

Comment by yuuup

i think it’s a million times better than the original. she’s grown, her vocals are 100%, it’s raw, it’s exactly what i hoped for.

Comment by Jerry

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