Usher – “Move” [VIDEO] by Windowpane
Tuesday, January 19, 2010, 2:00 am
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What the f*ck is that??????? This must be a joke of some kind, right?

If you’re brave enough, check part 2 after the jump.

Peace, Love & Usher


P.s I read somewhere that he got his fans to direct something, is this it? I actually can’t be bothered to google it – lemme know lol

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Firstly, I dont know why JIVE would allow ANYONE outside of the Mediterranean club scene hear this.

Secondly why the eff does this look like it was shot on a digi cam (Because it probably was)

Finally, yes, this is one of TWO videos for this song that was made by 20 “lucky” teen competition winners.

– But thats no excuse, they shouldve had some professional guidance (and equipment)

Isnt child labour illegal?

Comment by Canonjon

Usher’s hit rock bottttttom. The editing, direction and cinematography is poor as fuck.

Comment by Fantasticunt

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