Sabrina Washington – “OMG (Oh My Gosh)” [NEW Track] by Windowpane
Friday, January 15, 2010, 4:34 pm
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Sabrina Washington, former lead singer of Mis-Teeq is back with a rather pop-tastic sound. Check the press release below…

The voice of Mis-Teeq gets set to return to the charts with her debut solo single, OMG, released on 15th March 2010.

Bringing some much-needed sass and a whole lot of style to the nation’s airwaves with her no-nonsense electro-charged ladies’ anthem ‘OMG (Oh My Gosh)’. The song was co-written by Sabrina and Ali Tennant, a British writing talent who has previously worked with pop names such as Britney Spears and JLS.

…The album she has developed has a slick, funky and deliciously dirty pop sound. With new tunes including such thrillingly upfront jams as the wicked future-pop of ‘Strip’ and take-no-prisoners R&B floor-shaker ‘I Want It Ruff’, it’s clear Sabrina knows exactly wants she wants and how she’s going to get it. “Yes, it is provocative and sexy,” Sabrina laughs. “But I’m a woman now, I’m not a little girl anymore.”

Apologies to all my real Hip Hop/Soul brethren, but I love me some good Pop. Good, catchy, ol’ fashion fun music is something we all need from time to time! “OMG” sounds similar to something Britney would drop, the main difference being: Sabrina can actually sing. Those big tunes Mis-Teeq used to drop, Washington was behind them (writing and singing) – and you know, it’s time the UK has its own strong female pop star dropping good, fun music.

I’ve got the full track and I have to say, this snippet doesn’t do it much justice. Either way, love it or hate it – you’ll find yourself singing it on a regular soon as you hear it a couple times.

Peace, Love & Sabrina Washington


P.s She’s also looking extremely hot too! Damn.

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i’m LOVING this!!!

Love that you guys feature these stuff here!

Comment by grace

i need to hear the rest of the track before saying I love it but it sounds really really catchy and form what i hear i like it!

and ur irght its about time we get some uk pop stars alesha dixon can’t sing for shit time for sabrina washington to come take that crown!

Comment by Tim Dawson

Is she paying you for this promo, can’t see no other reason for having this junk on here..

Comment by Beatrice

don’t get paid to run this blog sir. lol

Comment by Speeakz

i dont hate this respect her hustle

Comment by TruckD

Oooh, that’s a HOT image. Might have to be my pic of the day!

Comment by Matilda Egere-Cooper

Im loving this song can u PLEASE post the whole song and download??

Comment by daniel

Please post the whole song?

Comment by joshua

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