Mariah Carey Feat Trey Songz – “Inseparable” [Remix] by Windowpane
Saturday, January 9, 2010, 4:18 am
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Another Mariah Carey remix, this time it features R&B star Trey Songz…

Download: Mariah Carey Feat Trey Songz – “Inseparable” [Remix]

Can someone please explain to me why they’re (the label/Mariah) are still trying to rescue this album? Why is this remix project even happening? Label’s are all about a return on their investment – so surely pumping a whole heap of (new) money into a project that wasn’t successful in the first place (based strictly on the fact that it was complete rubbish), is hardly good business? They need to learn, rubbish songs are rubbish songs. Doesn’t matter how many (younger) artists they have featuring on them, unless they’re totally rearranged/recorded – they’


Peace, Love & Mariah Carey


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Comment by mijka

The album is awesome.
I’m enjoying all these remixes.
and I’m a 17 years old guy that listens to Rock!
Never thought I would be a fan of someone like Mariah,so yeah the album was enjoyable.
u just have to listen to it more.
and yeah it flopped becasue of the horrible single “Obsessed”!

Comment by OSO

“The album is awesome” II

Comment by David

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