PSA: New Music Player by Windowpane
Monday, January 4, 2010, 9:06 pm
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Hey all,

As promised in our New Year message, over the next couple months you will see some changes and upgrades to PinBoard. Some minor, some pretty major. Take this as our first (minor) new feature. Traditionally we have supplied you with just a download link to the great music featured on the site – now we’ll be offering you the ability to stream it also (as you’ve seen in the past few posts). This way you can have a listen/sample before you decide to download.

We’ll be using SoundCloud – a service I’ve been a fan of for a while but never really utilised til’ now. It’s a really clean, simple tool which allows you to stream (crystal clear) music before downloading. Although SoundCloud offers a download function, I will remain using our current system too i.e. underneath the SoundCloud player, you’ll find the normal download link. Try it out  below by pressing play on my favourite Dilla beat…

Think of the next couple weeks as a trial period. If you/we like it, great. If you/we don’t – all good, we’ll stop using it. Either way I just wanted to keep you in the loop as you’re the important ones.

Note: Sometimes the player will say “this track is currently not available” – that just means it’s just been uploaded and is verifying. Give it a minute or two (refresh the page if need be) and it’ll be there. If you’re impatient (like me), just download it.


PinBoard Team

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i love the new music player, keeps me from downloading stuff i’m not really feeling cuz i can just listen to it on here. thanx

Comment by dani

you’re welcome! glad you like!

Comment by Speeakz

Yeah man love it. Always liked Soundcloud.

Comment by Funk

Nice one! Very helpful, saves me from downloading the bait rnb tunes just to see how bait they are.

Comment by Stef

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