Street | Talk: NY Edition [Episode 1] by Windowpane
Friday, January 1, 2010, 3:36 pm
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After taking to the streets of London, the homie Kevin Lanre (and crew) headed across the pond to continue his Street | Talk series. The on-line show asks random people to discuss engaging topics that affect them directly and/or indirectly (STREET), while ‘engaging them with entertaining and insightful interviews, with innovators from different culture facets (TALK)’. Today sees the première of the first episode where the ST team talk to New Yorkers about heath care and interview director Va$hite.


Health care in the United States embodies a capitalistic structure. To the detriment of most citizens, health care seems more of a luxury than a necessity. With the current approval of  President Barack Obama’s Health Care Reform policy, let us hope it is on track to becoming accessible to all United States citizens.


Vashtie Kola, or simply known as Va$htie, caught our attention with her charming visual representation of Kanye West’s mixtape single,  ” U.S Placers”. This director/cinematographer has put her creative stamp on projects ranging from music videos to commercials, her videography highlights her versatility as a creative Beans- “Papercut” CRS- “U.S Placers”, Justin Bieber- “One Time”, Yung La- “Futuristic Love” , Jadakiss- “Letter to B.I.G.”, Slim featuring Ryan Leslie & Fabolous – “Good Lovin”, and Solange – “T.O.N.Y.” just to name a few.

I’ve been hearing  a lot (lol) about this project from Kevin, so to finally see the first episode – is really dope. They’ve done an incredible job of making the series both engaging and interesting to watch. I for one will be keeping an eye out for the next episode.

Expect more of Street | Talk here on PinBoard.

Peace, Love & Street | Talk


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There’s a bunch of free YouTube downloaders out there, some work ok, others are just crap,
You should find any of them. Maybe this post can help you

Comment by GCChristopher

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