Mariah Carey – “H.A.T.E.U” [VIDEO] by Windowpane
Wednesday, December 9, 2009, 11:36 am
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Lemme know what you think, just about to watch this myself…

If this video isn’t the biggest pile of doo-doo you ever did see, then you Lambs are smoking some good sh*t. What the heck? This is the biggest selling female of all time? The woman who has broken Elvis’ record of the most number 1’s. And THIS is what she continually comes up with? Shots of her on a beach, in a number of bikini’s? I keep saying it, and I know a lot of folk don’t like hearing it, but Mariah Carey fell off. Big time. I’m not a fan of this track, but I do feel it deserved a much better video.

I’m genuinely disappointed in Mariah’s performances as of late. She used to be (and I mean this) one of my favourite singers/artists. Damn.

Peace, Love & Mariah Carey


P.s THIS is why I used to love MC

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Lighter ina de air! A stellar ballard.

Comment by F.O

as MC herself would sing “she’s delusional, she’s delusional, boy she’s losing her mind”. Let’s not forget she’s coming on a 40 year old woman and is surrounded by a team who do nothing but bum suck. Mariah needs a reality check. The album sucks, the videos suck. Time for a break Mimoo.

Comment by Stef

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