PinBoard EXCLUSIVE: Get To Know The Factz! by Speeakz

The PinBoard crew touched base and interviewed Mickey Factz last week…We wanted to get to know the man behind the music, the dude behind the fashion statements and the guy who’s music we’ve been rinsing all this time! We wanted to showcase his talent and his movement. So, here he is – Itz Mickey!

You’ll also find two brand new joints from Mickey Factz at the bottom of this post!


The name is Mickey Factz, I’m 22 years old and I hail from the birthplace of Hip Hop, The Bronx.

So, what/who exactly is Mickey Factz?

Mickey Factz stands for the evolution of Hip Hop. I’m not the saviour, I’m not the resurrector. I’m merely the man to jump start the forward process of music in general. My name derives from Mickey Knox of Natural Born Killers and his love for Mallory. Hip Hop is Mallory. Factz is all I rap about. My music is a taste of what the future sounds like.

Tell us a little bit about GFCnewyork?

GFCnewyork is a company I helped co-found with Saint, Steve-O and Kwazz. We are the owners of the ever growing Marketing/Consulting/Branding firm. We are all family with the same mindset: Bringing culture back to the art forms of Music, Fashion, Art and Film.

You’re all over the Internet right now, you’ve been featured in a bunch of publications AND have appeared on BET’s ‘Spit Your Game’ series…What are you feeling right now? How are you finding the response your music is getting?

I’m feeling like Bill Gates right after he left Harvard. He knew he had a goldmine. His peers and scholars scoffed and laughed at him. Now look at em. I’m in a position where I can transcend lifestyle with music. The response to the music is beyond excellent. The fact that people no longer diss the music, but they diss everything else, let’s me know I’m on the right path.

At the moment, we’re seeing a huge influx of underground, ‘new wave’ hip hop artists/acts getting a lot of attention [i.e. The Cool Kids, Kidz In The Hall and of course Mickey Factz] why do you think this is?

People were let down with a couple of the previous newcomers that were on the come up. Now that we’re here, we’ve showcased countless abilities to step up to the plate and deliver great music. So the bar has been raised and we just keep going higher and higher. Hope you ain’t airsick.

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What part (if any) do you think blogs/the Internet has played in this new wave getting all this exposure?

It has definitely had a major impact on our careers and it will continue to do so because the internet will soon be the driving force for everything. But the streets still dictate what’s hot or not.

It’s a clique question now, but what are your thoughts on the state of Hip Hop right now – mainstream Vs underground and where do you think ‘we’ (the Hip Hop community) are headed?

I think that mainstream right now is going to switch up very soon. If not now, in a year or two. The Hip Hop community is headed to the promise land. We’re headed to the future. Either get ready or be stagnant and left behind. I’m concentrating on furthering the development of quality music.

Not sure if you guys over in the States are aware, but over here there has been a lot of controversy with Jay-Z headlining the Glastonbury Festival this year; And Noel Galligher [from Oasis] has publicly criticised it. What are your thoughts of Jay-Z or any Hip Hop act headlining such a festival? Would it be something you’d be interested in doing?

I look up to Jay-Z as an artist and businessman. He has opened countless doors for artists like me. I’m looking to perform and hear my music any and everywhere. If anyone should do it, it should be him. He’s a walking icon. Show em’ some respect.

What artists did you listen to while growing up?

I listened to everything. Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Madonna, John P Kee, SWV, TLC, Boyz 2 Men, Rakim, Big Daddy Kane, Snoop Dogg, Slick Rick, Biggie, Nas and Jay-Z. Only the best.

Was there a defining artist who inspired you to get into music?

Big Daddy Kane. His style and swag was unlike none other. He made me wanna pursue music. First time I heard him, I was in awe.

Fast forward to now…who/what are you listening to? Who do you rate? And who do you Hate?

I’m listening to Jonell Monae, Chester French, Estelle, Jay-Z, Kanye West and Lupe Fiasco. These artists are great. I love what they’ve done. Nobody I really hate. I feel you can’t hate someone’s music. You can dislike it but not hate it. It’s their expression and who are we to say its wack and we hate it?

This is something I’m asking EVERYONE at the moment [even if it’s not particularly relevant!]: What do you think of Lil’ Wayne and the hype, hype surrounding him??

He deserves it. He’s worked hard. He lays music down at a rate that can’t be calculated. He’s also damn near gold without his album dropping. He made a declaration of being the best rapper alive. So he has to prove that on a consistent basis.

If you could collaborate with anyone [dead or alive] who would it be?

Andre 3000, Michael Jackson, Rick James, Barry White, Jimi Hendrix, John P. Kee, Prince, Jay-Z, Lupe Fiasco, Stevie Wonder, John Legend, Kanye West, Aerosmith, Bono. Only the greats. I say these artists because I want to be them later on.

You’ve released 3 superb mixtapes already, [In Search Of the N.E.R.D, Flashback Vol.1 & Heavens Fallout] can you tell us a little bit about them? I.e. What was your goal while creating them and did you achieve what you wanted from them etc…

This is my body of work right here we talking about baby! In Search of the N.E.R.D was my first solo mixtape/album. I say album because the way I approached it was in an album format. Everything had a message and you got closer to knowing who I was. My goal was to get it to Pharrell. I didn’t but tons of people heard it and that means just as much. It was also the first mixtape to be downloaded by me. Flashback Vol. 1 was the heavily publicized follow up to In Search of... This mixtape was the first time working with Precize. We wanted to make the sound nostalgic and yet refreshing. We worked hard to recreate some of those beats. The goal for this mixtape was to prepare people for Heavens Fallout. We also wanted to surpass the numbers that In Search of… did and we succeeded. Heavens Fallout is the ultimate end to the trilogy of those mixtapes. We wanted to showcase the future of music thru the eyes of Mickey Factz. Also take you thrua life journey with me. My trials and tribulations. My happy and exciting moments and my thoughts on life in general. Over eclectic beats it gave me the exposure I properly deserve. We achieved what we wanted and more with this CD. The Leak series which is out now is basically picking up where Heavens Fallout left off.

Material from any of those mixtapes could easily make it on an album, it’s almost hard for us to imagine what Mickey Factz is gonna bring next…So tell us, what can we expect from you within the next year or so? And what are you hopes/ambitions for the future?

You can expect a sound from me that’s not gonna be expected. Its so far from what people are thinking ima do. I can’t wait to unleash it honestly. My ambitions is to get a grammy. That’s about it. The almighty holy grail of music.

Quick Fire Questions…

3 Things we don’t know about you

I can cook my ass off. I had my mom teach me how to cook. So I’m pretty decent with the cutlery. I’m a video game head. I’ve been slacking as of late but I’m totally in love with Ninja Gaiden 2. Sheesh. Nothing like blood and gore. I can play the trombone and trumpet. Been playing since I was 8. Wild right? Haha

3 Albums you love

I love Thriller by Michael Jackson because it changed the face of music. I love In My Lifetime Vol. 1 by Jay-Z. It has soooo many classics and its one of the most under rated rap albums ever. My album of course. Not to toot my own horn, but it’s a masterpiece if I do say so myself.

3 Things you look for in the opposite sex [one for your female fans!]

I look for the eyes. The eyes tell a story of a woman’s journey. I look for her fashion sense and what she’s into. Lastly a woman’s shape is the quintessential component for any man. So ladies, bat ya lashes, hit bergdorf and the gym the come holla at me.

3 Words that describe your fashion style


3 Favourite designers/brands

Rag & Bone
…and finally…  

Will you be hitting London at any point? You know we love our Hip Hop over here right!? And do you have a message for your UK fans…?

I should be hitting the UK this summer if everything goes according to plan. I’m preparing a European tour as we speak. I know you guys love Hip Hop. Tell all the booking dudes to get it together and get Mickey out there. Most of the music I do is just for my European fans. So remember we’re only divided by water, not by music!

Shout Outs…?

Shout out to America and Europe. GFCnewyork and be on the look out for The Achievement Ep. This winter. Guggenhiem, Itz Mickey!

So there ya have it! If you didn’t before, NOW you know who Mickey Factz is! Make sure you show him your love and hit him up on his Myspace – and while you’re there, download his incredible Mixtapes! Promise you, you will not be disapointed!

While you’re here however, make sure you download Mickey’s newest leaks! The first is the original version of “Rock N Rolling” and the second, “6 Letter Word” where Factz spits his opinions on the “N” Word…

Mickey Factz – “Rock N Rolling”

Mickey Factz – “6 Letter Word”

Peace, Love, PinBoard & Mickey Factz!

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