Jennie Laws [One To Watch] by Speeakz

I found this track in my inbox and pretty much fell in love with it, instantly.

Jennie Laws is the newest find from Prince’s manager and has already had some pretty major artists backing her…

“I hear a delicate sensuality with every heartfelt melodic choice Jennie Laws makes in her vocal performances. I love this girls voice. The song writing/production is honest and unpretentious. A homage to the glory days of soul music. I look forward to watching the world embrace this amazing artist!” [Eric Benet]

“With distinctive and dynamic vocal artistry, unique and original songwriting skills and wide range of influences and inspirations, Jennie Laws has emerged as a beautiful and brilliantly talented new arrival on the cutting edge of today’s music”.

Her soulful voice, folk-flavoured lyrics and jazz-tinged flourishes enable Laws to stand out from the rest of modern counterparts. And with the release of her brand new EP “Introducting Jennie Laws”, the buzz around her has begun to grow and we’re sure it will continue to do so as more and more people hear her music. With influences spanning from world music, classical, jazz, pop, R&B and hip hop, her sound is refreshing, pure and most certainly well-needed right now.

“Heavenly” [download below], is what I call a ‘Sunday Morning’ tune – You know the kind?. It’s that track you pop on when you’re feeling good, or just chilling, that track you reach to when you’re trying to figure out how to spend (or waste) your day, it’s that song you play when you just want to feel happy! We all need those tunes in our life!

…Once you hear this joint, you won’t be satisfied with just one play. Trust Us. It’s evident that Jennie Laws’ voice is something special. Her undiluted and understated vocals are exactly what makes this track so beautiful.

Jennie Laws – “Heavenly”

We’re pretty excited about hearing more from Jennie Laws and checking out her debut EP. If “Heavenly” is anything to go by, we’re pretty sure it won’t disappoint our expectations. “Through it all, Jennie Laws had maintained her belief that music can bring wholeness and healing to the world. “My goal is simple,” she concludes: “To make the best music I can.” It’s a goal she’s reached and exceeds on her debut EP”

“Introducting Jennie Laws” is available now via iTunes, and other digital music retailers. Also, go show your love by checking out her Myspace and Official Site

Peace, Love & Jennie Laws


P.s Remember where you heard this lady first when she blows up!

Much love to Aaron Berkowitz

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