Lloyd – “How We Do” Ft Ludacris [VIDEO] by Speeakz
Wednesday, April 30, 2008, 10:27 pm
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We don’t know why, and forgive us (because we really don’t like hating), but, how do we put this delicately? …We just don’t like this dude! LOL. Like, something here is not ‘sticking’ with us, we’ve never really ‘got’ Lloyd? He looks like he’s about 12 and for some dumb reason, unbeknown to us, he reminds us of Peter Andre! LOOL!

If this is your kind of thaang, then enjoy…If not, you’re not alone!

Peace, Love & Lloyd…?


Classic Moments… by Speeakz

Ok admittedly, this is less like a ‘Classic Moment’ and more like a ‘Flashback Moment’ but nevertheless, it’s hella funny!

Do YOU remember this tune? LOL

HA! So jokes! Hear the SAME rap Will Smith seems to use in EVERY tune? Oh, the memories!

Peace, Love and Classic Moments Flashback Moments


Chris Brown – “Forever” [VIDEO] by Speeakz
Wednesday, April 30, 2008, 9:53 pm
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Here’s C-Breezy’s brand, spanking new video for “Forever” and no, you’re not confused, this track isn’t on “Exclusive” but is going to appear on the re-released version (yeeeep, ANOTHER re-released album!).

Chris Brown has moved two paces back with this joint…Like, what the hell is this tune? It sounds like some euro-pop, electronic kinda mess! Not a good look, especially considering how tight his album is!

Oh, and Usher recently said this of young Chris Brown:

Chris is the guy who dances and sings, which is a lot like I do and did as a young artist as well. If time serves us correctly, and artists are continuing to ­better themselves, then ­hopefully he’ll follow the same path that I did

Ah, how nice…Mr Raymond sharing the love? But yet he still manages to come across as an ego-maniac?

Peace, Love & Chris Brown


Nas Interview w/ KING Magazine by Speeakz
Wednesday, April 30, 2008, 7:48 pm
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Nasir Jones spoke to King Magazine for a feature in the up-coming issue and well, true to Nas’ age old tradition of not beating around the bush, the man speaks on how he’s feeling about certain things – namely issues dealing with race.

Do you remember the first time you were discriminated against because you were black?
The first time I opened up a Superman comic book. The first time I saw Flashdance, with the light-skinned, beautiful bitch who’s chasing after some white cat, which…I don’t have nothing against interracial relationships—love ’em, actually.

Wait. On “These Are Our Heroes,” you mentioned Tiger Woods…
A lot of times, when people look at me, they look too deep into it. Tiger Woods standing up for this white lady who said something about him being lynched is a coon move to me. God bless the brother. I like to see him doing his thing, but that’s a flaw to his character. That’s an issue I would have with Tiger Woods; not who he is married to. I don’t even know who he’s married to.

I’m asking because you shouted out him, Cuba Gooding Jr. and Taye Diggs. They’re all married to white women.
I saw Cuba Gooding do a hand spin or some shit on an awards show—that’s very coonish to me. I can’t remember what Taye Diggs did, but I didn’t know he was married to a white woman. You know who my hero is? Richard Pryor. He was married seven times. My favorite wife of his is Debra, one of the white girls.

More of the interview after the jump

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Paula, Paula, Paula… by Speeakz
Wednesday, April 30, 2008, 2:47 pm
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Tell us this woman is not on some SERIOUS drugs!

LOL Seriously, she can NEVER talk! Stay away from the drugs guuurl! Funny ish!

Peace, Love & Paula Abdul


Alicia Keys Performs “Teenage Love Affair” On Letterman by Speeakz
Wednesday, April 30, 2008, 2:04 pm
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My wife Alicia Keys performed her new tune “Teenage Love Affair” on the David Letterman show this week and like always she did her thang! This tune is SO big!

You can see Alicia Keys’ FULL video for “Teenage Love Affair” on PinBoard HERE

Peace, Love & Alicia Keys


Amy Winehouse To Leave Record Label by Speeakz
Wednesday, April 30, 2008, 1:09 pm
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Reports claim that singer, songwriter and all round crack head Amy Winehouse is planning to leave her current record label Island/Universal, as soon as she completes and releases her third album.

It has been claimed by The Sun newspaper, that Winehouse will set up her own label and through it put out her music and that of her mates – Remi Nicole and Tyler James. They also report that Amy believes she should take control of her £10 million fortune and doesn’t want others making money out of her…

Yep, surely the best idea for someone who’s as messed up as Amy Winehouse is to leave her current label, set up a new one (on her own), be responsible for not only hers but two other artists’ careers AND take control of her hefty stash of cash – Yea Amy, you do that…

The way this chick has turned out is just crazy. We all know it’s now ‘normal’ to see Amy Winehouse looking less like a Grammy Award winner and more like Camden Town street walker and it’s easy to forget what she used to look like pre-crack…

…Well, we thought we’d post this video for you all to be reminded, how she use to look and sound before the fame, money and the rest of it…

…What the F*** happened!?!?

Peace, Love & Amy ‘Get Some Serious Help’ Winehouse